LUME is taking her chances on stage in order to pursue a dream that is right at her fingertips! Although she has yet to release very many tracks, the music that she has produced speaks for itself. Not only is it the modern sound that not only resonates with the young generation, but it also addresses topics that are very relatable among several demographics. Not only does she have a strong presence musically, but also among fans and followers on social media. With her skill talent and a team of highly dedicated supporters, there is no doubt that she will be able to take her career to a whole new level with the release of her newest single, “Skin.”

This track not only reaches a level of vocal sophisticality that is rare for an artist so young, but it also is sure to be put on repeat with its catchy beat and message. Laden with heavy loops and beats, it mirrors the same style of some of the most well know pop artists of our time. At this point, where many other artists would be struggling to define their sound, LUME has outlined a style all her own and it running towards a bright future.


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