imperfect fifth e-zine

Autumn 2020.

We are at a point where sharing incredible music + art isn’t enough. Months and months of a different way of life, trying to ensure an incredible future for the arts, and working on improving the world around us has brought mental health to the forefront. And we want to provide our community the tools to thrive in the new unknown.

So we’re releasing a quarterly music + wellness e-zine. And it’s about to be your new favorite thing.

Packed to the brim with new interviews, videos, original content, and some of our favorite recycled stories, this e-zine doesn’t just cater to your new music needs. We will also be including wellness hacks, gift guides, and material to help everyone keep their mental health in check. Because music is therapy, and it’s not the only thing we need to carry us right now.

  • ONE ISSUE – $7
    Includes one (1) gorgeously designed, 12+ page e-zine, delivered directly to your inbox of choice. (Choose which issue at purchase, starting with our first in November 2020.)
  • FOUR ISSUES – $20
    One (1) YEAR of quarterly e-zines, delivered to that inbox. This includes all four (4) issues, WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, and FALL. **$2 savings per issue
  • ONE ISSUE + REIKI – $30
    One (1) issue of our e-zine and one 30min distance reiki session.
    **Reiki Sessions valued at $45/each
    One (1) year of quarterly e-zines and four (4) distance reiki sessions.
    **$20 savings when purchased for the year

Every bit of your purchase goes to support the publication and various organizations for the arts.