sophia black, “blessed”

sophia black, “blessed”

After premiering on Ones to Watch, Sophia Black’s latest single, “Blessed” is out, acting as a taster for her up coming EP. Throughout the track, listeners become immediately uplifted by the upbeat and lively nature of Black’s bright soundscape. Not only is this single full of energy, but there is so much personal meaning in the lyrics for the artist herself that the emotion in each line is almost tangible. Since her first appearance on stage in 2014, Black has been working to master her individual sound and really hone in on her wide variety of cultural backgrounds that range from Native American to Japanese. Her last EP was released in 2015 and was the home of not one, but several international hits that garnered several million views.

With all of this excitement surrounding the release of “Blessed,” Sophia has commented on the origins of this spunky new single. In her own words she stated, “It felt like all I could think of was bad stuff,” she recalls, “so when I got into the studio with Naz, I started writing down every positive opposite of what I was thinking… and voila! Blessed!”

Within this track, Black was able to capture this sentiment perfectly with the hip, bring beats and her amazing, dreamy vocal skills. Now that she is back on the radar, fans around the globe will be looking forward to her next EP, Hi Sweetie. 

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amy owens, haethor

amy owens, haethor

Although there are many ways to describe electronica’s newest sweetheart Amy Owens, one of the most accurate would have to be “charismatic.” As one of the only artists that own her type of special sound, there is a lot of freedom in the way she performs and records and fans all around the world are eating it up. Most recently, the long awaited album, Haethor is being prepared to be released and is scheduled to drop this Friday, May 25. Along with a single that had an incredible debut on IMPOSE, “Hook”, twelve other tracks have been put together that compose her full length album. Unconventional beauty is showcased as one of Owens’ specialties in each of the tracks which is sure to satisfy fans that have been long awaiting its release.

Like all of her releases in the past, Haethor, named after the Egyptian goddess of music, is the unorthodox combination of electronica and intense operatic bursts throughout each track. As a talented soprano, Owens owns each jump in pitch with apparent ease that grans the attention of the listener and pulls them even deeper into the almost psychedelic atmosphere that her unique soundscape creates.

Although all of the tracks on this new album come together under the same unique style, they are written from a diverse range of backgrounds and view points that assure each track can stand on its own. As each track weaves between operatic scales, to electronica, to complex sonic landscapes, one may wonder from where Owens draws her inspiration. Speaking on this subject, she stated,

“I don’t think about drawing from any style in particular, but I am very much aware that my tastes are shaped by the music with which I surround myself. Mostly, that’s classical music, because that’s what I do. A lot of the music I listen to is fairly complex, which is why I tend to write polyphonic and layered parts. And of course, everything has to be fun to sing. You’re talking to a girl who does bel canto, after all. “The Hook” is really difficult to sing, truth be told, but so is opera, so I’m used to it.”

Clearly, this young artist has much to offer to a variety of fans across a very wide spectrum of tastes and preferences. Not only does this allow Owens to expand her fan following at a rapid pace, but it also gives her music the room that it requires to find place in the hearts of fans all over the world. With so much in store for her fans, it will be exciting to see how she keeps us on our toes next.

The album is available now., “again”, “again”

Coming from an artist that has a mixed bag of previous skills is the “sonic brainchild” of Los Angeles based photographer and visual artist Jeff Fribourg is This incredibly modern synth-rock outfit started from a growing passion for synthesizers and a desire to enter the music industry with a sound that is unlike anything we have ever heard before. With his incredible knack for structure and design, each track produced by this rather unorthodox artist is built to be both appealing to the ear and bring something completely new to the eclectic musical world.

Most recently, Fribourg has release an all new single entitled, “Again,” which is a perfect compliment to the tracks that he has released in the past. As he continually releases more and more music, it becomes clear that his understanding of his sound also increases, which results in even more impressive productions. Living outside of a specific genre, embodies several different genres that inspire Fribourg to create something completely his own. While listening to “Again,” fans can enjoy elements inspired by punk, shoegaze, and post-punk. This freedom allows the music produced to be as natural and organic as possible, which showcases Fribourg’s wide rage of skills and talents. With so much in store for listeners around the world, we are all eager to watch and see just how far Fribourg will go.

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tessa rae, “downtown”

tessa rae, “downtown”

Breaking into the new year with a new single that is sure to get her name heard by thousands of new listeners is LA based artist, Tessa Rae and her first single of the year entitled, “Downtown.” Not only does this song have a deep meaning to the artist herself, but it is sure to touch the hearts of fans around the world with its generally universal message. In her own words, Rae stated, “‘Downtown’ is a story about loss and dealing with its aftermath…I lost my best friend and someone who I felt was a soulmate to me in this world. The song is kind of an outward expression of the shoulda-woulda-coulda games we all play with ourselves when we lose someone we love. Initially In.Drip. was only going to produce the song, but the first version he sent me was with my verse followed by his hook and it honestly blew me away. I loved it and asked if he’d be on the track.”

Just as was indicated in the statement, this song was built to embody the pain that one feels when they experience loss — a sentiment that is felt within each individual, painstaking beat. As the song begins, ears are immediately met by Tessa Rae’s fantastic vocal skill meshed with a tenderness that is indescribable. Not only is this a talent that is hard to come by, but it also has a unique way of fluctuating with the instrumental component that stabilizes the track. Throughout the entire track, fans also have the pleasure of  experiencing the raw power behind the lyrics that hold so much meaning through the minimalistic soundscape. Without a doubt, there is much in store in the coming years for this incredibly talented young artist.

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silent revival, “just one voice”

silent revival, “just one voice”

Putting rock back on the radar is wildly successful young group, Silent Rival and their first single since the release of their last album, The Kindness of Strangers. Right on the heels of their success comes, “Just One Voice” that gets fans moving and creates a fun, joyful atmosphere where band members proclaim this new anthem loud and proud. Since the release of this new single, it has risen to the top of playlists from fans across the globe and caught the attention of Spotify users which bumped the single up to the #12 spot on the “Fierce Femme” playlist. Much like their legendary predecessors such as the Strokes, New York Dolls, or Queens of the Stone Age their music is captivating and the driving beat encourages all who are listening to get up and move.

Since, “Just One Voice” is the first release for this new year, there is no telling exactly what this cheeky rock outfit has in store for their fans, however, one thing is for sure: they have already guaranteed a position in the hearts of thousands of fans from around the globe. Riding this success is sure to raise the bar on their future releases and encourage all of the band members to diligently work top develop and even more concentrated and focused overall soundscape. Without a doubt, the future is bright for Silent Revival as they continually release music that is as hearty and joyful as “Just One Voice.”

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