12 best music videos of july 2018 {so far}

12 best music videos of july 2018 {so far}

July 2018 has been a thrilling month for music videos so far. Energetic, beautifully shot, intensely introspective. Our minds are still reeling from June, and yet halfway through this month we’ve already had three to four times the amount of impressive visual representations from musicians around the world. We compiled a quick list of some of our favorite music videos so far this month, and we’re sure you’ll discover a gem or two to add to your playlist for the remainder of your summer shenanigans!

(P.S. There is a video from June in this roundup. And that’s because we do what we want.)

Lyves, “Rest Your Head”

Mac Miller, “Self Care”

Campdogzz, “Run Wild”

Fime, “Hover Hand”

In The Valley Below, “Desperate Dance”

Jack Ellis, “Small Change”

Payson Lewis, “Can’t Go Back”

Vacationer, “Magnetism”

Houndmoth, “Waiting For The Night”

Spooky Cool, “Strange Rooms”

James, “Hank”

Madeline Kenney, “Cut Me Off”

frontperson, “tick-tock”

frontperson, “tick-tock”

Canadian band Frontperson recently released a music video for their new single “Tick-Tock”. In Kathryn Calder and Mark Andrew Hamilton’s latest project, they have created an effortlessly cool track with a video to match. The video is entirely made up of athletes in reverse, making it a hypnotic companion to their easy-going vocals. It highlights the absurdity of the physical activity that sports call for, like pole vaulting or track and field. Rewind it and the image is disconcerting, but you can’t seem to look away. It makes for a unique video that encapsulates an equally unique (and immensely talented) band.

Their debut album Frontrunner is out on September 21st. Check out the video, and keep up with the band here.

meg myers, “tourniquet”

meg myers, “tourniquet”

Alt rock princess Meg Myers hit her stride again this weekend with the release of her latest single “Tourniquet”. Soft, voluptuous vocals bring an ethereal energy to the track as it floats through your speakers, shaping your memories of the world around you. The song echoes Myers’ quintessential dark lyricism, as she sings of self mutilation, be it emotional or physical, related to love.

Get deep with the new track below.

Keep up with Meg Myers here.

slothrust, “double down”

slothrust, “double down”

Built up of talented musicians and performers, up and coming band Slothrust recently released an exciting and rebellious video for their song ‘Double Down’ on July 12th. The video as well as the band, presents a sense of rock music along with a mix of alternative genres, that gives the video a carefree rock and roll vibe, which is the type of attitude that everybody needs this summer. ‘Double Down’ is just a taste for what’s to come off of Slothrust’s new album THE PACT, which is to be released on September 14th. Slothrust provides an aspect of carefree yet meaningful and empowering music that is appealing to anyone no matter what genre it may be. Make sure you’re ready for when their new album comes out, because it will be sure to set all of the bars!

Check out their music here!

trails, “hold up” ft. rromarin

trails, “hold up” ft. rromarin

Back on top with taste-makers CloudKid this week, TRAILS is continuing his streak of gems. This time it’s with the release of his first original single “Hold Up.” In his latest musical venture, TRAILS teams up with Rromarin for vocal duties. With her pronounced pop sensibility, Rromarin occupies a sonic space somewhere between folk and electronic that is all her own.

Pairing a stripped-down production style with a bouncing bassline and seductive vocals, TRAILS has created a forward-thinking hybrid of sound on “Hold Up.” Both artists are bringing their best game to take over the airwaves with another catchy hit.

You can stream it below!

Keep up with TRAILS here.

the ophelias, almost

the ophelias, almost

Cincinnati-bred indie pop collective The Ophelias – comprised of Spencer Peppet (vox, guitar), Grace Weir (bass), Micaela Adams (drums), and Andrea Gutmann Fuentes (violin) – drops their latest masterpiece today, and we’re so jazzed about it, we almost can’t explain it in words. Delicate vocals, overlaid with (largely) light percussion and mellifluous strings make this album what it is, and largely describe the band’s soundscape. Not only is there a delicacy in the vocals, but there are quirks that make the effect much more striking than the word “delicate” would lead you to believe.

From the elegant beginning of first track “Fog”, through the equally leisurely pace of “General Electric”, into “Lover’s Creep”, you come to find the entire album feels ethereal and intense in a very unique way. “Night Signs” slows the pace down exponentially, the instrumentals slightly lower, and paints a darker-feeling audio feed. “O Command” is different, in that the vocals rise to a higher octave, the instrumentals maintaining a low, luscious feeling. “Lunar Rover” and “Bird” continue into an increasingly experimental place, picking the pace back up again with eighth track “House”.

While you can’t expect the pace to pick back up again over the last two tracks of Almost – “Zero” and “Moon Like Sour Candy” -, you can expect to nab deep, meaningful vocals that make for an introspective night on your back patio, music playing softly over the sound of the trees rustling above you.

Get started below.

Keep up with The Ophelias here.