From the very depth of New Orleans based brother band Holy Knives comes their debut EP, Ritual Bloom. Over the past few months, fans and followers have gotten to know Kyle & Kody Valentine through their successful singles, “To Be Mine,” and “Every Day” – both of which have been released in recent months. Both of these releases have revealed a little bit more of what we can come to expect from such a young band. Creative and passionate are just two words that can be used to describe this dynamic duo. Their creative streak runs deep–right down to their name which was a clever combination of two of their favorite works of art, the film “The Holy Mountain” by Alejandro Jodorowsky and the poetry book The Singing Knives by Frank Stanford. Despite the fact that both of these artistic works are found in two separate mediums, their message of surviving a daunting quest through unpredictable circumstances to find solace in the beauty of knowledge.

Musically, these brothers have found their niche in a world that contains all of the rich overtones of classic rock and roll that is highlighted by a psychedelically, unique flare. Unlike most artists, the Valentine brothers have found a way to mix together two diverse worlds in the music universe to create something beautiful; just like the name chosen for their group.As the music and the plot therein thickens, listeners are totally and completely captured by the creative and intricate instrumental rhythms. All of the music produced by Holy Knives is intended to be intuitive and plain to all who stumble upon their work, much like a well written story. Without a doubt, this new release will aid them in their goal of becoming the best musicians they can be.

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Madison Blom