Sci-Fi influenced and experimental indie-rock, are just two ways to describe the music project Baron Minker, the alias for songwriter Dane Erik Frost.

Frost released a video for his most recent single “Anthem of the Rich and the Bored”, which is the only politically charged and influenced track on his upcoming album. “Anthem of the Rich and the Bored” calls out those that abuse their power, mainly those of a social elite status that look down on other classes of people.

The video is colorfully trippy, perfectly complimenting the sounds of the track. With the use of a skull that moves in time to the track, and looks as if the skull itself is the one singing these words, the video visually feels hypnotizing.

Baron Minker is a music project that carves out a balance between worlds that are savage and serene. By combining indie sheen with electric absurdity, Minker has a sound that calls back to 1970s psychedelic culture.

Keep up with Baron Minker here.

Kendal Chandler

Kendal Chandler

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