Indie-pop singer-songwriter and producer Dylan Emmet released new single “Dumb”. Emmet says inspiration for the track came from his girlfriend, “She was joking about how ‘get away with murder’ when I do annoying things because for some reason, they don’t bother her the same way it does when other people do them. It got me thinking about what real love is.”

The track combines electronic indie and alternative pop with punk guitars and a synth production. Emment’s smooth vocals set over this mix drives home the emotion. While instrumentally “Dumb” feels like any old summer dancey-type song, but lyrically it’s a playful love song.

“Dumb” captures that feeling of letting love take control, even if it makes you do crazy and dumb things for that person. The track enforces the idea of loving another and letting their flaws be one of the reasons for that love.

Kendal Chandler