Skylar Fri has hit the music scene with a single that has caught the attention of fans and the general public worldwide. Not only does the new single, “Gold Rush,” feature some of her most coveted talents, but also lyrics that are repeat worthy. With her unique sounds and beats, Fri brings something different to the table. She is constantly associated with a Lana Del Rey-esque sound combined with some of the latest trends. Another aspect of this track that is sure to send shivers down the spines of fans everywhere, is Fri’s ability to glide over her synth-laced melody with such ease that it seems unreal. Unlike many of the other artist in this genre, her voice brings a vintage feel to a rather new  brand of music.

Not only has this artist brought it big when it comes to her music, lyrics and sound, but she also has high expectations and big plans for her career in music. She has most recently been booked to perform on a stage in Copenhagen, Denmark and expects to tour around the world to perform live for all of her fans. With talent so unique, surely there is nothing that can stand in the way of this dream.

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Madison Blom