RF Shannon just released their latest single “Tooth Ache”, which is off of their latest album, Trickster Blues, due out May 5th.  “Tooth Ache” pays tribute to all things alternative-indie, but also throws in a western vibe.  The intro gives us that western sound with an acoustic guitar, slow drums, and sounds of a classic piano.  “I take it slow right in the back road,” hums the band.

Aside from the amazing instrumentals, the vocals are haunting and will capture you.  My favorite thing about “Tooth Ache,” is its ability to put a new twist on a classic rock sound.  Shane Renfro, of the band says, “I tend to feel like all is right in the world when I’m slowly driving down old country roads with the windows down, so this song is kind of an ode to that vibe.  I wanted to write a good backroad song.”  A vibe we have all felt, RF Shannon encompasses the feeling on “Tooth Ache.”

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Abby Trapp