At the young age thirteen, solo artist Akine wrote her notable single “Pray For The Prey”.  Four years later, she is sharing her song “Pray For The Prey” with the world.  “Pray For The Prey” incorporates a number of genres taking inspiration from tribal beats, syncopated electronic sounds, and alternative pop.  What is so impressive about this track is how mature and riveting the lyrics are for someone so young.  Unsure of the world and what is next for it, Akine uses powerful writing to express her feelings of exasperation.  “Tell him you love him, he’ll shield you from every thing,”  Akine sings on a higher power.  “And we pray and we pray into this foolish masquerade,” proclaims the chorus.  Continuing her cry, “You think you’re blessed and best because of God.”

“Pray For The Prey” is Akine’s battle cry for humanity, the foolish, and the ignorant.  Her message will strike a chord with many, whether it is a positive or negative one.  The message alone is telling, but Akine’s divergent and compelling voice really brings the song home.

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