Jessie Kilguss recently released her latest album, The Fastness. The Fastness is the fifth album for the Brooklyn based singer/songwriter. The alternative-indie artist has a lot of things to offer on her latest album. The Fastness is an album of regrets, hope, love, and wanderlust. Jessie’s voice and style brings weight to the album as you can hear the Stevie Nicks and Norah Jones influences. The album has ten tracks, each song a little different from the last. “The Master” is a song about a person of great wisdom, holding the key to all the answers. Leaving his followers behind, Jessie asks “Who will be the oracle when he is gone?” “New Start,” tells the story of one’s ability to believe in love again. The hopeful and upbeat song will lift your spirits with lyrics like “I thought it was over, but I made a new start,” “Now I’m ready to be mystified, I know I’m not the only one,” and my favorite “You changed my mind.”

Jessie shows us her darker side on “Hell Creek.” The song is full of sinful regret, shame, and morbid themes. “I knew I the time had come to break myself free- and every thing went red,” cries out the singer. The song remains haunting with the line “Going down to hell creek, wash the blood off my hands.” The artist also shows off her love for travel and the world with “Spain,” and “Rainy Night in Copenhagen.” I completely related to the song “Spain” as I once fell in loved with Madrid and the beautiful lyric “Maybe I’ll find it here- Spain stretched out in front of me.” It describes the country perfectly. “Rainy Night in Copenhagen,” is a place to leave all your troubles. “So peaceful, so far away from home,” Jessie sings on the countryside. “I’m not ready to go home,” laments the artist as the song is a feeling of wanderlust, a thirst for the world- something we all experience at least once in our lives. The Fastness provides a variety of melodies to feed your soul, heart and mind. Jessie’s beautiful voice and thoughtful lyrics will take you to a peaceful place that is all your own.

The Fastness is currently available on major streaming services. Get your copy here.

Abby Trapp