Budding pop artist RAHH has just released her first ever single “Overkill.” When I first listened to “Overkill,” RAHH’s incredible voice stood out to me.  She has the type of powerful voice that you may find yourself belting out too as it sparks inspiration. Despite its title, “Overkill” is not that bitter song about your ex. Instead, it’s about giving in to the power of music and letting go. “I can’t stand still, I can’t stand still, this beat is overkill,” belts RAHH. She continues to my favorite line “I need saving, I need saving.”  What’s even more chilling is when RAHH gives us a taste of a cappella at the end of the song. “Overkill” puts into words the ways we feel, react, and engage in music. Aside from RAHH’s beautiful voice, the song holds a powerful meaning: that music has the ability to take us over at any time, and at any place.

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Abby Trapp