Since the announcement of their first full length debut album, the hype surrounding Moorea Masa and her crew has grown exponentially and on May, 11, Shine a Light dropped and has already been named a success. Based in Portland, Oregon, this wonderfully alternative artist has a multi faceted skill set that keeps her music relevant and interesting with each passing track. Growing up in the musical mecca that is Portland, called her attention the the effect that music can have on people and immediately wanted to be part of such a great movement. After taking some time to explore the world and then finally ending back in her beloved hometown, Masa said, “This year I’ve really been digging deep into my history, my own learning lessons, and the state of the world,” she continues. “I feel like I took a light and shined it into all the darkness and beauty that I was previously too scared to look at.”

Bringing all of her soulful vocals to the level that is displayed within each track on this new album was a much needed journey for this talented young artist. Now that she has had the opportunity to work with artists across a wide spectrum of genres, some time to solidify her sound was key in producing this spectacularly bluesy, soulful album. Most of the music that Masa has release has spoken through some of the issues that our society faces today along with love, loss, hidden pain, and the politics of being a woman. With so much of her soul on the line, it is clear that this album is going to be what separates her from other artists in this genre which is going to bring her sound, yet again, to a whole new level.

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Madison Blom