The Brooklyn based rock band Language, just released their latest EP Plymouth via Good Eye Records.  The rock band consists of Omar Afzaal (guitar), Charles Sloan (bass) and Wes Black (drums).  After self-released EP’s, Plymouth is the product of their signing with Good Eye Records.  Plymouth has five tracks, including the title track “Plymouth.”  The album encompasses all things rock and kicks off with the track “Where To.”  With no vocals and only lasting at 1:21, “Where To,” holds up to its name.  It really serves as an introduction to the band’s sound which include notes of bass, guitar, and a steady drums.  “Game Piece” shows off the band’s vocal talents, far-reaching as they are.  The band’s vocals remain gritty and angsty with true rock feel.  “Fingers small, in a father’s hands,” Language sings on “Game Piece.”  The song has a punk-rock feel and definitely is something to jam out to.

“Plymouth” remains creepy at first, with a distant sound of buildup to the drop of the beat.  The song soon changes pace halfway with calming vocals– “Landed on a new rock, kinda like the old one.”  I believe that the “rock” is in reference to Language’s new album, their signing with Good Eye Records, and coming full circle as a band and artists.  Plymouth remains the band’s “new rock.”

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Abby Trapp