Taking the stage by storm with her latest dreamy alt-pop single, “American Nightmare” is up and coming, Minneapolis based artist, JØUR. Not only does this new track show off her amazing ability to dance on the top of wonderfully choreographed notes, but it is a perfect display of how her lyrical genius can speak to even those who associate with other genres of music. Throughout the track listeners can enjoyJØUR’s minimalistic style that perfectly show cases her natural talent as an artist. With an overall solid vocal performance and a universal message, it would not be surprising to learn that this artist goes the distance in her musical career.

While speaking of this new release she stated, “I originally wrote this song several years ago about blindly following the ‘American Dream’ of getting a job, moving to the suburbs, getting married, having kids, etc.,” explains JØUR. “I felt at the time that my life was flying in the face of conventionality when I quit my 9-5 finance job to pursue art and music and everyone was cautioning me about taking such a huge risk, when for me the biggest nightmare and risk would be to have that version of the American Dream.”

Of course, in the economic times that we are currently facing, fear of rejection and failure are often hidden occupants of our minds, however, this amazing track encourages all to break through the traditional mold that folds under the pressure of fear and pursue a life of a better.  With the skill of an artist far beyond her years and the emotional stability to continue producing music equally moving and impactful, JØUR is sure to quickly rise to meet her greatest potential.

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Madison Blom