Alannah Kavanagh’s indie rock project Grizzly Coast has added a new feel-good indie bop to their repertoire. Inspired by her countless nights in the Toronto music scene, Kavanagh wrote “End of the Night” with the intention to mimic the energy of live music. She fondly recalls how at a show, the music is too loud for anyone to talk, and so it can quell any anxiety over what to say and just allows you to focus on the experience. Even out of the context of a live venue, “End of the Night” delivers on this front.

Kavanagh’s heavenly voice starts the track off by singing “Here we go,” backed up by hazy guitars and a slow tempo before accelerating to the actual tempo of the song. She’s taking you by the hand and leading you to the live show. The rising harmonies and the fuzzy but joyous guitars make the song feel very uplifting– you can feel your own troubles start to alleviate. It’s easy to imagine how this feeling would be amplified if it were heard live. Kavanagh’s voice is the icing on the cake. She effortlessly moves through notes and sings with a freedom that compels you not only to listen, but to be free with her.

“End of the Night” will be a part of Grizzly Coast’s EP Party of One which will be released on July 17th, 2020. The EP will highlight the human need for community and the dividends that pay from having the courage to reach out to those you care about, and who care about you.

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