Unpredictability and trance-inducing music has become the expectation from fans and critics of freak-fuzz Baltimore based duo Ed Schrader. Together, Ed Schrader and Devlin Rice have created a sound that it unique and completely their own and now they are bringing their newest tour, “Riddles” to a town near you. Since their formation in 2010 this group has participated in nineteen U.S tours leaving very little amount of time to produce new records. However, with a new full length album release, they are ready to hit the road once again and see where it takes them.

With the addition of this new album to their musical artillery, the duo races through a world of synth melodies and 80’s pop influences. Their sound has often been described as unpredictable and erratic, but harmonious all at the same time. This composed chaos, however,  is just one of the many attractions of Ed Schrader. With their music at the forefront of their performances, they are able to deliver a spectacle that will both amaze and surprise all that are in attendance. With the release of their new album and the announcement of their next tour, Ed Schrader has proved that he has what it takes to take these explorations into the unknown to the next level.

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Madison Blom