Canadian folk/rock band Reuben and the Dark has released their brand new music video for their single, “Hurricane”. Reuben and the Dark is composed of Reuben Bullock , Shea Alain, Brock Geiger, Ian Jarvis, and Dino Soares. The video for Hurricane is a treat for the eyes, full of interpretive dancing, ethereal costumes, and creative camera angles with a barren landscape background (the video was taken close to Joshua Tree National Park). The choreography for the video was done by Megan Lawson, who has worked with Madonna and Katy Perry, among others.

Aside from the beautiful visuals, the vocals and performance of frontman and songwriter Reuben Bullock is fantastic. Not only does his music create a stunning aural experience, but the concept behind the video is also amazing. The overall experience is an overwhelmingly creative and well-developed endeavor. Check out “Hurricane” and more by Reuben and the Dark.

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Veronica DeFeo