Looking for your new favorite song? You’ve got to give Scott Helman’s “Ripple Effect” a listen. “Ripple Effect” appears on Helman’s latest record, Hotel de Ville, and follows the success of his previous single “PDA”, which is now certified Gold. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter has made huge strides in Canada since his debut EP Augusta in 2014, and has been spreading his wonderful talent around the world since then. “Ripple Effect” is a reflective and emotive track, simple yet powerful in instrumentation to highlight Helman’s confident and yearning vocals. The Canadian artist clearly has a grasp on presenting deep thematic material in an approachable manner. Not only is the song beautiful lyrically, but the instrumentation in “Ripple Effect” is also perfectly balanced down to the last note. Old fans and new listeners alike will be smitten by Helman’s fantastic composition of the track (not to mention his dreamy vocals).

Scott Helman has released many amazing songs in the past few years, but “Ripple Effect” might just be our new favorite – and we think you’ll love it too. 

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Veronica DeFeo