Atlanta based folk-rockers Pony League are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, A Picture of Your Family, on March 23, having already released the title track. Now, they’ve dropped their second single off the LP, “Mile Marker Dance”. Pony Leauge is Jay Howell , Gus Fernandez, Charlie Mills, Mason Turner, Justin GreeEver since their debut Fresh Start, Pony League has been building traction and evolving their own sound, aided by their first LP, 2016’s “Harder Than A Rick Ankiel”. Now, they are excited to release their second full-length record, and if “Mile Marker Dance” is any indication of how the rest of the album will sound, we’re here for it. “It’s an exploration of human perseverance in the face of such obstacles as extreme pressure, anxiety and depression,” says singer Gus Fernandez of the music.

“Mile Marker Dance” takes on folk melody and lyrics with a rock spin, complete with rollicking guitar and drum solo. The musical communication between instruments displays the tight bond and connection that the band possesses. Fresh, yet familiar, Pony League has truly made the mark with “Mile Marker Dance” What are you waiting for? Give “Mile Marker Dance” a listen today.

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Veronica DeFeo