Beabadoobee, one of music’s most talked-about artists, dropped her new single, “Care”. The track is from her highly-anticipated debut full-length album Fake It Flowers, which is set to release later this year. “Care” is all about rejecting sympathy from people who aren’t interested in really getting to know and understand her. A cathartic, to-the-point chorus is a new and explicitly vulnerable direction for her music.

Bea Kristi, beabadoobee, gives fans another bedroom pop song to jam out to. You can feel the real emotions and the anger behind the lyrics, without overdoing it. Some of the first lyrics in the song that stand out are, “I need some help to forget about it / I don’t want your sympathy, stop sayin’ you give a shit / ‘cause you don’t really / care”. Everyone can relate to this feeling at some point in your life and can connect with the frustration felt in this type of situation.

Accompanied by a music video full of outrage and different trippy graphics shot in quarantine, it makes the song more personal. It’s the type of music video that you would love to see premiere on MTV in the early days. Talking about the track and the video, Bea explained, “This song has end-of-a-90s movie vibes, like you’re driving down a highway. It is pretty much me being angry at society, or people around me who I just don’t think know me and don’t care. I don’t want you to feel fucking sorry for me. I just want you to understand what I’ve been through. I never expected to be making the first video from my album during a pandemic! I was so lucky to be locked down with the bedroom guys, it feels like it turned out as one of the most personal, real videos I’ve made.”

“Care” is another great addition to her repertoire and the fans are all for it. The song is brutally honest and exemplifies her struggles, but shows how she still is the same person she’s always been. With praises from Rolling Stone and NPR along with her feature in the worldwide chart-dominating hit “deathbed (coffee for your head)”, which includes a sample of her song “Coffee”, beabadoobee really is something special.

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