New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Eric Harrison teamed up with Nashville veteran Rachel Potter for “Down Down Down”. The track is a true Americana duet, with flares of country and guitar rock. Harrison and Potter’s voices compliment each other over the sweet sound of the guitar. The country version features a traditional Telecaster, lap steel, and the mandolin, while the electric version has a Neil Young-style melodic guitar grime and a robust B3. Two versions of the song will be released, one being country and the other is an electric version. Equally filled with hope and worry, “Down Down Down” is a lyrical journey through and through. Harrison shares:

I tried to capture the rawness of loss and the desire to protect the people you love, but as hard as it is to watch the people you love get hurt, sometimes you need to hang back and let them figure it out. I view the song as kind of a reminder to check my savior complex and remember that hurt can turn to wisdom.

The Americana singer is also set to release his fourth album, Gratitude, later in the year. The album is filled with 10 life-affirming tracks that will shine bright in his discography. Gratitude was recorded at Salem’s studio in Woodstock, New York with the help of guitarist and producer Kevin Salem. He continues to push further, making music that is meant to be enjoyed outside on a summer night. “Down Down Down” (feat. Rachel Potter) is a part of the new era in Harrison’s artistic journey. Check it out now.

Leigha Stuiso