Have you ever heard a song that takes you into a different world? No? Look no further because Cozm & Naught are here to help. The psychedelic, electronic duo from Atlanta released their latest single, “Lemonhead”. The track shifts you into a state where the mind transforms and travels into different spaces. The duo, Jesse Cegielski and Dariush Mirsajedin, bring an unusual, but refreshing approach to the genre. The goal with their music is “to put the listener/ audience in a different head-space than they may normally be in.” 

Accompanying the release of the single “Lemonhead”, Cozm & Naught released a performance of the song from their Atlanta studio and a time-lapse creation of the track’s artwork. These videos help to add another dimension to their sound and give listeners a look into the process of the work. The track is thought-provoking and demands to be put on repeat to dissect the different layers to it. Let the mind run wild and free by listening to Cozm & Naught’s “Lemonhead”.

Leigha Stuiso