With a powerful yet heartbreaking dance tune like “Blame”, it makes sense as to why duo Yardhaus was successful in opening for superstars like Marshmello and Zedd.  They are superstars themselves.  The infectious production of the tune by itself proves why they are a force to be reckoned with.  But beyond this groove, there is a story being told.  The lyrics speak of the ability to foreshadow that a relationship is going to end pretty much before it even got started.  This crash course in understanding toxic relationships could have become the next heart shattering breakup ballad, and we would have loved that, too.  But the combination of catchy electronic beats and a sobering story of lost love is what makes Yardhaus the superstars they are.  By marrying the two ingredients that many look for, they prove that they want to bring everybody on their journey, and we all want to join.

The duo says of the track: “‘Blame’ is a hybrid between dance, pop, and electronic. The song is about knowing how a relationship will end, even from the start. It speaks to the toxicity and short-sighted nature of transactional relationships.”

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