Nashville-based Quinn Lewis’ smooth contemporary R&B sound stands out with his latest single, “In Between.” The native Australian is known for his mellow crooner voice and flawlessly constructed tracks that impeccably marry indie-pop melodies with dance R&B vibes.
“In Between” is the quintessential song for anyone going through a transitional phase in their life, especially one that follows a breakup. The lyrics invoke a sense of soul-searching with the repeated phrase “I’m caught in between who I am and who I used to be.” The catchy background vocals excite listeners making it easy to sing along; this track is almost guaranteed to be playing on repeat in the heads of Quinn Lewis fans.
What’s most captivating about this track is the effortless flow from verse to chorus without competition between vocals and instrumental. It has a driving beat and creates an urge to dance yet has a calming effect. With its memorable melody, buttery vocals and passionate lyrics, “In Between” is bound to be a summer hit.

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Katie Pugh