tides, “don’t let me down”

tides, “don’t let me down”

TIDES latest release, “Don’t Let Me Down,” is making waves; a song that SoulBounce says “blurs the lines between pop, R&B, and electronic.” The uplifting melody and funky groove give this musical hybrid inspiring vibes.
TIDES is a musical duo made up of two friends, Innocent and Dan. The two have somehow mastered an old school R&B sound that still appeals to indie pop fans. With its bumping rhythm and melodic lyrics, the song is nostalgic yet hip.
Innocent describes “Don’t Let Me Down” as a song about addressing both his inner warrior and inner demon, a reminder to not let himself down. The duos debut EP, Crossroads, touches on themes ranging from love and fame and extends to more reflective matter like growth and coming of age.
The genre-bending duos latest single, “Don’t Let Me Down” is expected to take off and have massive reach to music lovers across the spectrum.
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kiddo, “trouble”

kiddo, “trouble”

Swedish artist KIDDO just released her debut single, “TROUBLE,” her first project of 2018. Previously referred to as “one of Sweden’s most exciting and creative songwriters,” KIDDO has written songs for Icona Pop, Dagny, Alan Walker, and more.

Her new single, “TROUBLE,” is an ethereal indie track that boasts KIDDO’s raw yet powerfully unique vocals blended with a futuristic, synth instrumental.

KIDDO describes “Trouble” as a song about escaping reality. “It’s about a time when I knew I had lost everything but it was too painful to face it so I tried to ignore the truth for a little longer in every possible way,” she states. The intimate lyrics pop against the simple, mellow instrumental.  Lyrics like “leave trouble behind” and “take the trouble off my heart” let listeners on an escape adventure as KIDDO sings about letting go of responsibility and relying on love in a time of uncertainty.

KIDDO’s distinctively haunting vocals layered with the light, atmospheric instrumental provides the perfect background to any occasion. “TROUBLE” is a summer playlist necessity.

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kayls, modern savages

kayls, modern savages

LA-based electro-pop KAYLS inspires with her latest EP Modern Savages. The EP explores a variety of struggles Kayls has faced spanning from relationship woes to her past industry struggles. Her goal with the album is to encourage listeners and invoke strength within them.

Modern Savages perfectly demonstrates Kayls’ new-found confidence after years of feeling underestimated and mistreated throughout her career, specifically by music industry men. The EP’s second track, “Porcelain,” depicts the hardships Kayls faced. Her honesty and authenticity shine in this track as she expresses the trials and tribulations faced early in her career.

“Champagne” explores Kayls’ distaste for the expensive things in life. The soft yet intense piano ballad superbly showcases her raw yet powerful voice. The following track, “Modern Savages,” continues with a similar theme. Kayls flawlessly expresses her concern for human connection through the lyrics “what can you give me that money can’t buy.”

Both “Carousel” and “Summer” explore past relationships making the album relatable and showing listeners yet another side of such a multi-faceted and complex artist.

Kayls’ Modern Savages EP is supremely cohesive work of art that sends a musically pleasing and powerful message. With its haunting indie pop vocals and electronic, futuristic mix of musical elements, this album creates the perfect indie-pop atmosphere.


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quinn lewis, “in between”

quinn lewis, “in between”

Nashville-based Quinn Lewis’ smooth contemporary R&B sound stands out with his latest single, “In Between.” The native Australian is known for his mellow crooner voice and flawlessly constructed tracks that impeccably marry indie-pop melodies with dance R&B vibes.
“In Between” is the quintessential song for anyone going through a transitional phase in their life, especially one that follows a breakup. The lyrics invoke a sense of soul-searching with the repeated phrase “I’m caught in between who I am and who I used to be.” The catchy background vocals excite listeners making it easy to sing along; this track is almost guaranteed to be playing on repeat in the heads of Quinn Lewis fans.
What’s most captivating about this track is the effortless flow from verse to chorus without competition between vocals and instrumental. It has a driving beat and creates an urge to dance yet has a calming effect. With its memorable melody, buttery vocals and passionate lyrics, “In Between” is bound to be a summer hit.

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rann, “renegade holiday”

rann, “renegade holiday”

Brooklyn-based indie quartet RANN just released the second track from their upcoming EP, Renegade HolidayRANN’s sound has been described as indie rock, dream pop, and psych punk which all seem fitting as their latest release, “Renegade Holiday,” has a variety of musical elements creating the perfect eclectic mix.
“Renegade Holiday,” the album’s title track, starts with a heavy drum rhythm that eases into an electronic synth instrumental. When the vocals appear, the song takes a dreamy, ethereal direction that is both calming and exciting at the same time. The song’s pounding rhythm and uplifting instrumental propel the song forward as the airy vocals create the perfect indie atmosphere. RANN’s “Renegade Holiday” cohesively blends instrumental and vocals to create an impeccably constructed track that makes the perfect edition to any playlist.

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