bronze whale, “exposure”

bronze whale, “exposure”

Austin based duo, Bronze Whale, who have gained popularity through a variety of originals and remixes, just released their first track of 2018 called “Exposure.” The duo, comprised of Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley, has been feature in Entertainment Weekly and have even had numerous number ones on Hype Machine. Not only does the duo write their own music, they also manage their own label, handle their own artwork, and mix and master each track.

At the end of 2017, Bronze Whale decided to head jack to Colorado with their team to crest a new, fresh sound which focuses less on lyrics and vocals and more on instrumentation. This concept is very apparent in “Exposure” which features a multi-faceted electronic blend, synthesized rhythms, and a looped vocal chop.

The song features Bronze Whale’s signature energetic vibes and variety of electronic pop elements. There’s a growing anticipation throughout “Exposure” as the song continuously build, adding small variations. Once it leaks, the instrumentation dies down a little bit showcasing a flawless transition between dynamics. Fans are bound to be impressed with “Exposure” and Bronze Whale’s versatility and creativity.

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kidsmoke, “sister sadness”

kidsmoke, “sister sadness”

Welsh quartet Kidsmoke debuted their latest song, “Sister Sadness” earlier this week which is the perfect follow-up to their 2017 EP Save Your Sorrow.

With an upbeat, optimistic melody and melancholic lyrics, this song bode feelings of summer and promise. The song features a confident and fresh guitar melody blended flawlessly with the bands signature mellow, calming lyrics and hazy, dream-like vibes. While the lyrics express heartbreak and a tender sensation, there’s a tinge of optimism, a trademark to Kidsmoke’s signature sound.

The inspiring indie sound, pulsating drum, and driving guitar creates bright, buoyant feelings of hope which is perfect any setting. Whether a winter bonfire or summer road trip, this song is must for any playlist. Its diverse sound allows listener to experience a variety of feelings while listening. Each time I listened, a new feeling was awakened in me both morose yet exhilarated.

With “Sister Sadness” being featured on BBC 6 Steve Lamacq’s Music Recommends Track of the Week and a previous track being featured on Netflix’s Black Mirror, it’s safe to say Kidsmoke is a band to watch if you’re not following them already. If you’re a fan of The Beatles or The Smiths, this is a song to check out!

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x ambassadors, “don’t stay”

x ambassadors, “don’t stay”

X Ambassadors’ latest track “Don’t Stay” follows the release of “JOYFUL” adding a contrasting dimension to their upcoming album. While “JOYFUL” produced a light, airy musical tone, their latest single seems to bode the opposite instrumentally.
“Don’t Stay” showcases frontman Sam Harris’ vocal range with his soulful falsetto sitting at the forefront of this song. The smooth vocals are driven by the rhythmic beat of the drums making the tortured yet hopeful lyrics the focus of the song.
The lyrics are maturely crafted, cohesive, and painfully relatable. Harris repeats the phrase “don’t stay for me” quite frequently throughout the song’s chorus depicting pain and anguish as the singer wishes a lover the best, even if it means continuing on separately.
There’s something about a song that mixes dance-like rhythm with heartbreakingly honest lyrics that draw listeners in. At first listen, the melodic drums give an urgent sense to move your body and dance. As the lyrics move in, it’s easy to get caught up in Harris’ polished vocals and well-spoken lyrics. This song is the perfect mix of heartbreak and taking the higher road.
“Don’t Stay” is a powerfully written dance ballad that effortlessly illustrates a great blend of rhythmic, electronic drums, extreme vocal talent, and wonderfully crafted lyrics.

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tiavara, “celestial dance”

tiavara, “celestial dance”

Russian musical group Tiavara entices heavy metal fans with their latest single “Celestial Dance” from the upcoming album, Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions. Guitar solos, haunting vocals, and uplifting lyrics give this song an old school metal feel while keeping it fresh and relevant. Hints of Middle Eastern guitar add an extra layer to this metal anthem while hard-hitting drums drive the song’s tempo making it mosh-worthy track.
Tiavara describes “Celestial Dance” as an objection to seeing the world in absolutes while accepting oneself despite flaws and virtues. Their evocative insight is a signature of theirs which is apparent in the band’s past discography. The band aims to encourage and promote open-mindedness through their music. This is apparent through the song’s lyrics “you are free, don’t let them clip your wings” which repeat frequently throughout the song instilling the idea of free thinking into the minds of listeners.
This song is sure to draw metal fans in with its gritty, expressive nature while its powerful lyrics make this song appealing to a variety of music enthusiasts.

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maria lynn, “petty”

maria lynn, “petty”

Pop newcomer Maria Lynn’s “Petty” is the epic vengeful breakup song we’ve all been craving. If you’ve ever wished ill thoughts onto an ex or felt bitter after a relationship ends, this is the song for you.

Catchy vocals overlay an effortlessly flowing instrumental that creates the perfect song to sing (or scream) to the image of any and all ex lovers. A breezy guitar melody combined with beautifully composed lyrics and smooth vocals powerfully invoke feelings of strength and fortitude.

The upbeat tempo, electro drops, and synthesizer blends transform this personal breakup song into a spirited dance mix that somehow emits feelings of reassurance. There is a flawless balance between the calm of the verses and the hard-hitting chorus which, at first listen, is unexpected yet satisfying.

“Petty” exquisitely and refreshingly unites heartbreak with feelings of vulnerability, power, and empathy.

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