Alternative rock outfit out of Phoenix, OO, are expanding their loud, energy-driven sound with their newly released EP Nice and Good.  The 5-track rocker is the perfect collection of mostly loud and fast tunes sewn together in perfect harmony.  The opener, “runnin’”, is a classic up-tempo show starter that relies on heavy drums and mind-blowing guitar licks to get stuck in our heads.  This is similar to the warmth of “sizzlin’ sun”, an appropriate track title for an Arizona-based group.  The mid-tempo stride of “family fool” is a late-night campfire tune with a sound bordering on country, perfect for a mid-summer camping trip deep into the woods.  There is an angst to “eating wurds” that feels nostalgic, while the EP’s closer, “fizzle and fry”, creates the perfect fade away and look onwards to what may be coming next.

OO promise a solid rock experience, filled with flavor and effervescent instrumentals.  A taste of their music is a taste of the rock music scene at present, and we love every last bite.

Tiffany Czech