Artist and producer Corey Pavlosky may be used to crafting tracks for other artists, but he’s taking this time to create something personal, and that is found in his new single “Out of My Head”, which shines the frustrating and possibly even embarrassing moment when you profess your love to someone who would rather just stay friends.  Despite the heartbreak, the tune is a more enthusiastic approach to figuring out what to do when facing such a rejection, opting for a frolic through flower meadows type of therapy instead of crying on your bedroom floor.  Still, the track sees Pavlosky struggling to come to terms with how to move on, a common sentiment that could benefit from a playful track like this one.  Eventually, you learn to be alright given the circumstances and that alone is cause for celebration.  The world needs an optimistic look on an unfortunate situation, and “Out of My Head” is the perfect place to find it.

Pavlosky says of the inspiration behind the track: “[The rejection] was obnoxiously painful, but I’m gonna force myself to be happy.”

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