Being faced with the daunting task of starting over in a new place and experiencing loneliness in the process can be an overwhelming and exhausting preposition, one that makes you feel like isolated and alone.  Kuwaisiana’s newest release “Cymbal of this City” takes us on this journey, one that includes all of the sounds of a new, busy place and all the thoughts that we sit with while in solitude.  The explosive, head turning tune features the groove of a heated electric guitar and invaluable horns as an introduction, creating the feeling of the opening of the new superhero movie set in New York City.  The lyrics work with the instrumental to create a picture of a city filled with music, where,around every corner, there is a new sound to get you through your woes.  The band manages to pose some of life’s most pressing questions while creating an extravagant, catchy breath of fresh air.

Lead singer +Aziz says of the song:

A song about finding purpose and establishing your voice in the face of loneliness. This song was born out of a desire to overcome alienation. Something I experienced a lot after moving to the US, particularly in urban life. Once I introduced the song to the band, we were able to elevate it with a driving force and a catchy hook! Probably the only true ‘hook’ on the EP actually.

Tiffany Czech