vonnie kyle piles on the theatrics in new music video for “imperfect parts”

vonnie kyle piles on the theatrics in new music video for “imperfect parts”

Vonnie Kyle just released her newest music video for her newest single, “Imperfect Parts,” and it has such a cinematic edge to it! The feel of the video was almost theatrical, but in the best way. The video itself mixed with the vibe of the song, created this cinematic type of music video, and I really enjoyed that.

The video managed to tell a story really well. From the beginning when she is first looking into the briefcase to the different objects making an appearance throughout different parts of the video, it all flowed really nicely together. “Imperfect Parts” is also very aesthetically pleasing. I really liked the lighting that was used as Kyle was playing the instruments, as well as the scenes that took place in nature. I particularly liked the part where she is walking through the greenery, it looks so beautiful. It was really amazing that she was shown playing the instruments that are featured on this track in the video! It adds something to the music video and even shows a different part of her musical talents.

Of the song, Kyle admits:

I wrote Imperfect Parts when I fell in love with my best friend. The timing was awful, to be honest; my marriage had just failed, Covid had just started hitting the US, and I was still trying to figure out where the hell I was even going to live. I was still punishing myself daily for having married the wrong person and then letting them down. I hadn’t processed any of this, yet there I was on the phone with this other person, every single night for hours on end, somehow feeling for once like I actually did deserve some sort of joy. I hadn’t felt real joy in years. I had been a shell of a human constantly making compromises to avoid facing a harsh reality, which was that I had been living a life I didn’t belong in. 

This song wasn’t going to be on the record, originally. I had already written the whole thing and had no plans to add to it. One night though, I was sitting on the floor of my practice space after a long phone call with the person who is now my partner, and this whole song just sort of fell out of my brain. It didn’t take long to realize this was going to be the title track. It perfectly summed up all of the challenges that the whole record represents, and that’s self-forgiveness, acceptance and moving onward.

So, if you can’t get enough of Portland native, Vonnie Kyle, make sure to check her out and keep up with her upcoming releases.

Directed, filmed, and edited by Joshua Rivera (Rollstars Productions)
Produced by Joshua Rivera (Rollstars Productions) and Vonnie Kyle

benjamin lazar davis leads us down a nostalgic road with music video for single “remember”

benjamin lazar davis leads us down a nostalgic road with music video for single “remember”

New York indie-pop artist Benjamin Lazar Davis has announced his new self-titled LP alongside a video for the first single off of the project, “Remember.”

Known for working with a diverse array of artists, ranging from Anaïs Mitchell to Okkervil River, Davis is far from a newcomer to the music industry. The collaborative efforts shine through on the LP with contributions from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros pianist Mitchell Yoshida, Lake Street Dive bassist Bridget Kearney, and Rubblebucket bandleader Alex Toth, among many others. 

Girl Talk’s Sarah K Pedinotti assisted Davis with the production of “Remember,” not only by co-writing the title but also by starring in its visuals beside her cousin Desmond to represent the past and present in addition to their similarities and differences.  

Davis’ directorial debut depicts the Pedinotti’s wading through a river, blowing bubbles, and running through a forest as a yellow butterfly motif periodically flashes in and out, perfectly encapsulating the song’s fusion of Sufjan Stevens’ nostalgia-ridden longing for the past and The Flaming Lips’ technicolor psychedelia. 

“Remember is an old song written in London after a failed attempt to connect with a crush that had always had a boyfriend but had become single. The song foreshadowed my life on both coasts of the USA. It was recorded in my parents’ house with Lars Horntveth on the minimalist reeds and Luke Moellman (of Great Good Fine Ok) on their old Steinway upright piano. Joan As Police Woman sings some crazy effected vocals in the last verse!”

The self-titled LP will come out on November 19 and is available to pre-order now via Bandcamp

Watch the video for “Remember” below!

porches endears with lighting extravaganza in new video for “back3school”

porches endears with lighting extravaganza in new video for “back3school”

Porches (aka New York-based musician Aaron Maine) has just released the video for “Back3School,” the fourth single from their fifth studio album All Day Gentle Hold ! out Friday, October 8.

The visuals for the ecstatic, synth-driven track observe Maine as he glides around an all-white soundstage while performing the song for a teacher wearing a transparent nylon mask. 

Over the runtime, the video evolves from having straight-on shots of Maine singing to producing sweeping camera angles and rapidly flashing lights as he draws the audience into the crashing conclusion. 

This song is a mystery to me, impending doom mixed with total bliss,” Maine said about the single. “The ‘back to school’ trope, but with an underlying anxiety that something might be terribly wrong, or maybe everything is just fine.

Watch the video for “Back3School” below!

Porches 2022 Tour Dates
Mar 21 – Montreal, QC @ Bar Le Ritz PDB
Mar 22 – Toronto, ON @ Lee’s Palace
Mar 24 – Detroit, MI @ El Club
Mar 25 –  Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
Mar 26 – Saint Paul, MN @ Turf Club
Mar 28 – Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
Mar 29 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
Mar 31 – Vancouver, BC @ Fox Cabaret
Apr 1 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos
Apr 2 – Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
Apr 4 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
Apr 5 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theater
Apr 6 – Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar
Apr 8 – Dallas, TX @ House Of Blues (Cambridge Room)
Apr 9 – Austin, TX @ Scoot Inn
Apr 10 – Houston, TX @ House of Blues (Bronze Peacock Room)
Apr 12 – Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West
Apr 13 – Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
Apr 15 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle
Apr 16 – Washington, DC @ Union Stage
Apr 18 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
Apr 19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Apr 21 – Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club
Apr 22 – Philadelphia, PA @ The First Unitarian Church
May 13 – London, UK @ Lafayette
May 16 – Paris, FR @ La Maroquinerie
May 17 – Amsterdam, NL @ Bitterzoet
May 18 – Cologne, DE @ Artheater
May 19 – Berlin, DE @ Privatclub

payson lewis entertains with cinematic visuals in new video for “hotel suite”

payson lewis entertains with cinematic visuals in new video for “hotel suite”

Payson Lewis just released his newest music video for his song, “Hotel Suite!” The video has a cinematic edge that really makes you feel as if you were transported into a movie. 

Lewis himself played a couple of different characters in the video, which added a sort of comedy factor to it. Whether he was himself or one of the workers at the hotel, his persona throughout the video was absolutely colorful and really added to the movie-esque feel of the video. He played these characters really well and it was very entertaining! A cool aspect of this video was the vintage feel to it. From the layout of the screen to the coloration of the video, it was spot on! 

One of the greatest parts of this video was when they were transported out of the rundown, old, and dirty motel room, to what seemed to be their “perfect vacation.” This scene in the video was attention-grabbing and just so fun. It played with the theme of the song being how upon entering a hotel room, you can be anyone you want to be. 

If you enjoy the video for “Hotel Suite,” check out Payson Lewis on social media, as well as his debut album, Take Me Apart!

Directed by Colin H. Duffy

anna sun amplifies the dreaminess with the euphoric new music video for “mine”

anna sun amplifies the dreaminess with the euphoric new music video for “mine”

Brooklyn-based indie rock trio Anna Sun illustrates the euphoric and unforgettable feeling of finding true love with the video for their debut single “Mine.”  The pastel-singed visuals follow vocalist and guitarist Sam Aneson’s endeavors to ensure her lover understands how confident she is in their relationship and how much they mean to her at the end of the day.

Accompanied by performances from bassist Andrew Shewaga and drummer Nikola Balać, the video encapsulates the dreamy, vibrant energy from the track while also adding a layer of lighthearted humor that helps it stand out from the crowd and any other productions as of late.

I started this song with the intention of writing a bubblegum love song, and it turned into this larger than life, kind of romanticization of codependency. I think there’s something overly optimistic about the style of this song that matches the lyrical content.

I spent so much of my life obsessing about being in a relationship. It was shoved down my throat in the media that I consumed growing up as a girl. Prince Charming and all that. It became exhausting, and it started distracting me from bettering myself. I realized my programming at some point in my twenties and made a distinct effort to not make romance my number one priority. This song came out of the concept in my head I was drugged with my whole life. 

The speaker is making her current relationship out to be absolutely perfect, the missing puzzle piece to her life. “I can do anything now, since I’m with you! I’ve been waiting forever for someone like you, and now I have everything I could ever want!” There’s a part two to this song, and it’s a rude awakening. 

I have always struggled with codependency, and I think this song was my attempt to take the piss out on myself. The idea that another person being your partner can make you invincible is not a very healthy concept, in my opinion. I mean, I don’t know about you, but the only way I’m going to stand in the rain and not get wet is with an umbrella, not because I have a boo.

Check out our exclusive premiere below, and then show the band some love over on Facebook!

Producer: Sam Aneson
Co-Producers: Nikola Balać, Andrew Shewaga
Director: Sam Aneson, Nick Snow, Stephanie LeBlanc
DP: Nick Snow
Stylist: Liana Mack
Editor: Sam Aneson, Nick Snow

keep it a secret shares soul-piercing new track “middle with my thumbs up”

keep it a secret shares soul-piercing new track “middle with my thumbs up”

Alternative rock band Keep It a Secret returns with their new single “Middle with My Thumbs Up”, as catharsis for listeners. With its mix of soul-piercing screams and whisper-esque vocals over a bombastic guitar-laden instrumental, the band captures the feeling of an emotional roller coaster as they lament over heartbreak and loves that were never quite meant to be. Over a chorus of “Left for dead, it takes time to get away”, the band reluctantly accepts a withdrawal from romance to escape a self-destructive cycle that could claim their sanity and any hope of starting anew. The opening line “I’ve been watching you destroy me” is a sign of infatuation morphing into a ticking time bomb of dependence. The band describes:

‘Middle with my Thumbs Up’ is a dichotic look back on the melancholy of lost love. Although seemingly separate emotions, anger and sadness are often a self-destructive loop that many people experience from heartbreak in all its forms. This song incorporates both intimate, almost whispered vocals and cathartic gritty yells to illustrate these feelings.

The video shows a masked couple in separate colors attempting to embrace within a decrepit household, which captures the realization of disconnect and blindness clouding a relationship. It’s as if one’s own love can end up haunting them and living inside as an unwanted guest for some time.

Check out the video for “Middle with my Thumbs Up” and be on the lookout for Keep It a Secret’s next project.