On his new album Beautiful Machine, Matt Boroff ventures into unknown territory to examine our relationship with technology.  While Boroff has been making music for years, this album finds him still evolving the way artists should.  Boroff compares the tracks on his newest release to episodes of Black Mirror, and this comparison is an appropriate one.  With dark and sometimes dreary tones running throughout, one can easily see how these tracks could end up as the soundtrack for the show.

The first track, “Beautiful Machine” is a perfect start, representing the dark vibes that the rest of the album gives off.  As the title suggests, it also is a perfect way to get us thinking about our relationship with technology.  “Trust” is the realization that we cannot depend on everything around us.  While this track gives off some political vibes, it also can easily be related to what we see online.  Another stand-out track is “Echo Chamber”, which speaks of the frustration of having your voice lost in the mix of millions of others.  Boroff closes out with “Future Crimes”, a chaotic look at our online world, one that declares nobody is innocent.

Tiffany Czech