april tomfoolery | a soundtrack

april tomfoolery | a soundtrack

To many, April is truly what the first weeks of Spring are made of. New beginnings, fresh flowers, allergies abound. But for myself – and a good amount of our contributors – it symbolizes new beginnings because it is also birth month. (Shout out to all of my Aries comrades!) Though the fire of nw beginnings burns bright in other aspects of my life, never before have I witnessed such a jam packed month of new music releases.So, here are a host of our favorites released over the month of April. With new tracks from Uppermost, Ramonda Hammer, Calexico, daste, MARBL, Simon XO, Don Cherel, and more, this is a soundtrack you won’t want to miss out on.  Check back for more over the course of the month, and be your friend group’s most influential music suggester!

j-line, “feeling the yes”

j-line, “feeling the yes”

Do you miss the warm, cradle-y feeling that pop music videos from the oughts brought you? (Yes, we want you to think back to the NSYNCs and O-Towns of your past.) You have the option of feeling that way again. New York-based electro-pop artist J-LINE delivers that familiar feeling in droves with new single “Feeling the yes”, the jewel toned music video somehow reflecting that feeling, though the atmosphere is less that of a party environment and more so of a strategic performance art piece. Which – if you scale back to think about it – is what a music video is.

If you’re really feeling your decision-making self lately, this one will do the trick.

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gabriella rose, lost in translation

gabriella rose, lost in translation

Starting with the title track, Idaho-based teen musician Gabriella Rose spins her new Lost In Translation EP with an ethereal intensity that we haven’t experienced in a hot second. Vocals dripping with reverb, a slight twang, and a moderate tone to first draw your attention. “Dreams” takes on a darker tone, though still somehow just as transfixing vocally. It is at this point that we realize the true leader of Gabriella Rose’s body of work is her unique and radiant voice.

“Welcome To The Dollhouse” takes a deep look at mental health in a very real and emotional way, while “Requiem” drives the metaphorical melancholic truck forward, as she croons, “I stopped dreaming” along with a host of other things she is finished with, invoking a palpable sense of loss. “The Chair” and “Angel” round the 6-track work out, each addressing the topic of mental health – and allowing Gabriella Rose to explore hers in a very vulnerable way – in a very different and beautiful way.

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gabriella rose, “welcome to the dollhouse”

gabriella rose, “welcome to the dollhouse”

A feeling of nostalgia almost bleeds from Gabriella Rose‘s vocals as she croons over the easygoing instrumentals in latest track “Welcome To The Dollhouse”. A song that specifically addresses Rose’s own mental health struggles, it is both vulnerable and inspiring in its simple existence, led entirely by those angelic vocals. And when you stop to think that this songstress is still sitting at the tender age of 16, you realize the number of doors that are about to open before her. So, while we are reminiscing on some less-than-happy topic matters, we’re also simultaneously getting excited for Gabriella Rose’s future, which seems to be the cherry on top of it all.

Be sure to check Gabriella Rose out on February 8th in Spokane, WA at The Bartlett for her EP Release Show.
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sunshine riot’s playlist for over-privileged weirdo kids

sunshine riot’s playlist for over-privileged weirdo kids

A common theme here is that a lot of the music that influences and inspires us is pretty weird and catchy. This taught us that its okay to do whatever we want and write however we feel. We’re lucky that it happens to be catchy enough to remember!

Play on shuffle or in order. This is just a quick handful of songs that were thrown together so we can hang out. Enjoy!

Stone Temple Pilots – Meatplow

This song has a certain grime and groove with such “sing-along-ability” that just hits the spot every time.

Musically wacky, yet unmistakably STP. Just one of those songs that says its okay to be weird.

Bush – Swallowed

Just a great song off of a great album. Steve Albini sort of took his “In Utero” Nirvana sounds and plugged Bush into them.

Say what you will about people stealing people’s sounds, but the fact is that this shit moved us as impressionable babies and just made us want to play harder and louder to get our lil’ feelings out.

Pearl Jam – Brain of J

We’re all pretty big Pearl Jam fans. I only chose this song because it was right in front of me and its not a go-to PJ song.

I could go on all day about what Ten and VS did to us when they came out, or how I sat about a foot away from the tv during that ridiculous MTV Unplugged performance…

Soundgarden – Burden In My Hand

Try not to sing along. They beat the system. They wrote some of the weirdest stuff, while being SO fun and easy to listen to.

We all really love this band and this is a good safe song choice everyone can dig. Miss you, Chris!

Meat Puppets – Backwater

This is such a Jeff song. I think we covered it once. If you’ve heard a handful of Sunshine Riot songs, It ain’t hard to hear

how we were influenced by these dudes.

Eels – Novocaine For The Soul

Just another weird 90’s jam that makes you go “Oh yeah! I remember this!” Our Jonny has a whispery voice like this sometimes, so I guess that’s a thing.

Aerosmith – Jaded

Hometown heroes I guess. Nobody in the band is a huge Aerosmith fan, but JESUS FUCK this might be the

catchiest song ever written and its always cool to stop and think about how they were once just some pals in a basement trying their best.

Nirvana – Serve The Servants

I don’t even know how to fully express how much this band and album means to us. This is that Albini sound I was

referring to earlier. Its just so damn important and I’m so glad we all love it so much. Thanks for everything, Nirvana.

Foo Fighters – Floaty

This is a very pretty one off of that first album that was actually only Dave Grohl. Another one that made me want to play

hard and with all the feeling. A lot of the stuff on this album is actually kind of a nightmare to play on any instrument, but it sounds so simple and catchy! Super inspirational.

The Replacements – Bastards Of Young

Metal dudes say Lemmy is God. Other, less tuff dudes say Paul Westerberg is God.

Another big influence on us. Replacements mastered that raw, borderline bad sound that just makes you feel.

Now that you have a bit of an explanation of us, go check out our new tunes off our upcoming record ‘Lonely Hotel’ and then go ahead and dig into that back catalogue to really get to know us! See you soon, dweebs.

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ishani, “dark angel”

ishani, “dark angel”

If you’re searching for a little spark of badass in your soundscape today, indie musician Ishani‘s new track “Dark Angel”. Her vocals range on the higher side, with beautiful instrumentation to match and bring a little more edge to the track. But what is important to note – aside from the alluring sound to the track – is the important subject matter it addresses.

“I have lost close friends to suicide,” Ishani says of the song’s subject, “and recent events have forced me to revisit this song, – we are living through a time of increased awareness of mental health, but we still see so many people ending their lives.”

“Dark Angel” is multifaceted, but at its peak is a song of hope. Check it out below!

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