daniela savoldi, “space”

daniela savoldi, “space”

Today, instrumentalist Daniela Savoldi releases the latest music video from her recent album Ragnatele, for her gorgeous song “Space”. We’ve got the official premiere, which will lead you to witness incredible scenery, essentially poetry in motion. Explains Savoldi:

“Space” is a musical piece with no internal timing, hovered , where sounds and thoughts mix up building a free sonority and a free thought.  Music notes fly to the infinite, regrowing aware higher and higher. The pizzicato is the earthly element of this piece, the wire connecting present and future. The clip, with its amazing images, succeeded in  recreate this world made of earth, water and air and I felt totally melted into these three elements. I decided to add a sentence at the end of the video…WE ALL ARE ONE …to remember that we are part of the beauty and to preserve it we have to respect it.

Expands Poli:

“SPACE” is poignant and very sweet . Wistful sometimes but at the same time full of air, full of deep breaths… It is from these very immediate and intense emotions that everything started from. This video is a tribute to the beauty that Daniela Savoldi‘s notes recall. This beauty surrounds us and wraps us around. It is an open, lively and unlimited space created by a magnetic sound. I tried to be a gentle breeze. I painted Daniela‘s energy totally fused with nature thanks to the awsome images by Laura Mantovi. Daniela is connected with nature. The wind cleans and regenerates.
Witnessing beauty with her.
Listening to the beauty  that is inside her.
Even though everywhere we witness relentless clues of human misbehaviour.

Open yourself to a solo adventure, during which the concepts of time and space do not apply. If not meditative, this song will pull at your heartstrings in another way, daring you to move forward with your dreams. Check it out below!

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courtship., “guy stuff”

courtship., “guy stuff”

Recently, indie pop duo Courtship. released the music video for their track “Guy Stuff”. With a female protagonist, the video highlights the absurdity of societal norms by allowing a gorgeous, arm candy-worthy, domesticated woman to run around smoking cigars, dancing, and acting out in a way you wouldn’t expect with an initial glance. It’s a joyous video, and shot beautifully. Dive in below!

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a conversation with lowland hum

a conversation with lowland hum

Today, we sit down with Daniel Levi Goans. He is one half of the folk duo Lowland Hum, comprised of both he and his wife, Lauren Plank Goans. We had the unique pleasure of catching up with him in a rare quiet moment in the lead to the release of their new album Glyphonic. Check it out.

0:00    Intro

0:11     EZVisibility.com

0:22    Dbl-take.com

0:33    imperfectfifth.com/merch

1:10 Daniel Goans/Lowland Hum intro

2:52 The draw of touring

4:33 Kansas City, Missouri

5:34 Chanticleer Garden

6:52 Austin taco truck

7:35 The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

12:02 MC Hammer

15:15 “A Drive Through the Countryside”

17:57 “Waite”

26:54 Support Quiet Music

april tomfoolery | a soundtrack

april tomfoolery | a soundtrack

To many, April is truly what the first weeks of Spring are made of. New beginnings, fresh flowers, allergies abound. But for myself – and a good amount of our contributors – it symbolizes new beginnings because it is also birth month. (Shout out to all of my Aries comrades!) Though the fire of nw beginnings burns bright in other aspects of my life, never before have I witnessed such a jam packed month of new music releases.So, here are a host of our favorites released over the month of April. With new tracks from Uppermost, Ramonda Hammer, Calexico, daste, MARBL, Simon XO, Don Cherel, and more, this is a soundtrack you won’t want to miss out on.  Check back for more over the course of the month, and be your friend group’s most influential music suggester!

j-line, “feeling the yes”

j-line, “feeling the yes”

Do you miss the warm, cradle-y feeling that pop music videos from the oughts brought you? (Yes, we want you to think back to the NSYNCs and O-Towns of your past.) You have the option of feeling that way again. New York-based electro-pop artist J-LINE delivers that familiar feeling in droves with new single “Feeling the yes”, the jewel toned music video somehow reflecting that feeling, though the atmosphere is less that of a party environment and more so of a strategic performance art piece. Which – if you scale back to think about it – is what a music video is.

If you’re really feeling your decision-making self lately, this one will do the trick.

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gabriella rose, lost in translation

gabriella rose, lost in translation

Starting with the title track, Idaho-based teen musician Gabriella Rose spins her new Lost In Translation EP with an ethereal intensity that we haven’t experienced in a hot second. Vocals dripping with reverb, a slight twang, and a moderate tone to first draw your attention. “Dreams” takes on a darker tone, though still somehow just as transfixing vocally. It is at this point that we realize the true leader of Gabriella Rose’s body of work is her unique and radiant voice.

“Welcome To The Dollhouse” takes a deep look at mental health in a very real and emotional way, while “Requiem” drives the metaphorical melancholic truck forward, as she croons, “I stopped dreaming” along with a host of other things she is finished with, invoking a palpable sense of loss. “The Chair” and “Angel” round the 6-track work out, each addressing the topic of mental health – and allowing Gabriella Rose to explore hers in a very vulnerable way – in a very different and beautiful way.

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