British rock band You Me at Six have delivered a moody turned explosion of a track with their newest release, “Adrenaline”.  This is to say that the song eases you in with a gentle, soft verse before blowing you away with loud and catchy chorus to ripple through your mind.  I can only imagine what it sounds like in a room full of people at a live show.  The chorus isn’t nearly the only mind-blowing thing here.  The moments leading up to the chorus are a direct contrast to the subsequent parts, with just a vocal and gripping melody to prepare you for what’s to come in the rest of the song.

The song’s dark sound matches the lyrical content to a tee.  Appropriately, the listener is taken to the possible dark side of our personalities and the struggle that comes with balancing our thoughts while still being who we are.  The sonics of the track amplify this idea, creating a world filled with intense emotions.

Lead singer Josh Franceschi says of the track: “Adrenaline is about understanding & accepting the capacity we all have as humans to have split personalities. Coming to terms with the idea of co-dependency.”

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