PRIDE is such a fabulous time of the year. But, honestly, we’re trying to push the feeling and the amazing people behind it every day of the year. Today, the genre-bending GIULIA. releases her new track “Baby D*ke,” written about the outpouring of love and the welcoming feelings she had when embraced by the LGBTQ+ community for who she is. Expands the artist:

It recognizes that – hey, you’re new to this, you’re a ‘baby’ in our eyes, but we’re happy to have you. So yes, I’m just a baby dyke, and I may be self-conscious and unsure of how to navigate this, but at least I’m here, and I can finally say that much, which is better than saying nothing at all.

With light-as-a-feather vocals, she puts your head in a space that makes you feel like anything is possible, while simultaneously making you want to dance. Lines like “we’re so afraid to be forgotten” hit hard emotionally, especially after the pandemic. It’s heart-wrenching and also incredibly beautiful. And all delivered with Giulia.’s impossibly positive energy.

Keep your eyes peeled for Giulia.’s EP Night Before, out June 25th.

Meredith Schneider