Swedish audio/visual duo Felin – comprised of songwriter/artist Elin Blom and photographer/director Fredrik Etoall –  recently released a refreshing, upbeat new single titled “21st Century”. Blom’s vocals captivate in a robust way, not unlike fan favorites P!nk and Robyn. “21st Century” will get you off your feet dancing in almost any situation, but also might drive you into another form of adrenaline-inducing situation, if you’re not careful. (That’s fine actually. Proceed.)

”We’re the lost generation,” explains Elin. “The generation where the image of caring is more important than to actually care. The generation where it’s more important to get likes than to be liked. The generation where how you look on the outside is more important than how you feel on the inside. We get more lonely each day even though we have the whole world just one click away. We’re living in a fantasy world without boundaries while the world outside gets more and more fucked up. But in the end will we also be the generation who actually makes a change in the world? No matter what we decide to do we’re still going to be the future of the 21st century so let’s make it a future we want to live in.”

Admits Fredrik, “We wanted to catch this struggle between all the bad that’s going on in the world right now as well as all the beauty and joy that is available to us… The upcoming video will capture this struggle; the craziness, the never-ending party, but also the darkness that comes with it.”

Keep up with Felin here.

Meredith Schneider