With his newly released EP, Good Morning Hunter, Odario combines poetry and hip-hop to craft a phenomenal piece of storytelling.  With several guest artists throughout the 7-track EP, each track feels like a coming together of various ideas.  A celebration of people.

“Peace” begins this celebration.  The dominant piano that plays throughout is a staple of this up-tempo introduction.  Filled with optimistic chants and goal-driven lyrics, you are welcomed into Odario’s ambitious thoughts.  Things are slowed down with ‘Reprise”, a more somber and reflective addition that proves rather poetic.  A distant echo towards the end connects it with the previous song, providing a more vulnerable view of those ambitious thoughts.  The title track, “Good Morning Hunter” takes you back to the groove of the first song.  The lyrics tell the story of somebody who is prepared to tackle whatever is being thrown their way that day.  This same sentiment is echoed in a more electronic take with “Good Morning Hunter: Ok Dub”.  Each song adds on to the other, creating a cohesive whole that tells a real story.From top to bottom, Good Morning Hunter tells the story of a person who is determined to do great things with his life.  It doesn’t shy away from the reality of life and how struggles can get us down.

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