Nomadic Firs was hard at work on another project when he decided to change course with the onset of the pandemic.  That new project became his album, Memory Weeks, a glimpse of hope amongst all the hopelessness.  “Captain Hammock” starts out with a simple guitar and lyrics about longing for something better.  About halfway through, the guitar fades away as a sort of electronic interlude takes its place, perhaps as a transition to this better place.  Moving on to “William”, we hear less melody and more of a narrative about seeking security and safety in turbulent times.  It has sentiments of thankfulness for the ability to take a pause from life and just breathe, a departure from the previous track. 

The electrifying “Planes in the Dark” sets a new tone for the album, offering listeners a chance to question their own perceptions.  The seemingly endless synthesizers effectively suck you right into the world of the song.  As the record carries on, the tones shift, including with “Ok Sleep In”, which brings you to a dreamland, perhaps one you would find when getting that needed extra rest.  The final track, “DJ Preesh”, is a far contrast from the earlier tracks.  Bringing the album and all of its pieces full circle, it takes us to the “something better” that we were longing for in the opener.  Now, we are set free.

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