When tragedy strikes, artists often turn to melodies in an attempt to heal the pain.  It was no different for Nathaniel Bellows, who turned to writing to cope with the death of his father.  The result is his forthcoming album Three.  This triumphant masterpiece starts off with “In the Wool”, an address of self-image and finding oneself amidst the chaos of the world.  The heart stopping “Haul Me In” speaks of the need to feel weightless in treacherous waters.  The breathtaking percussion creates the illusion that we, the listeners, are in the danger that he speaks of.  “Split Lip” invites you to step into the feeling of being hopeful despite being surrounded by reasons to be hopeless.  It closes out with “Move Away”, which weighs the pros and cons of leaving a place that has provided you both happiness and sorrow throughout his life.  Here, Bellows reveals his intentions to, one way or another, look to the future.

Three is a raw and emotional record that sees every track masterfully tackling the struggle of falling into a pit and trying to find a way into the light, sometimes by hoping for a shoulder to lean on.  It reflects a vulnerability that resonates with the listener and provides moments of solace and peace.

Tiffany Czech
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