As winter nears, Miloe wanted to shine a light on his brisk state of Minnesota with his new EP, Greenhouse.  He wastes no time working up the sunshine, either.  The opening track, “Winona” is a bright and optimistic tune that relies on youthfulness to give the illusion of summertime warmth.  The opening riff of the title track is a perfectly ear-catching novelty that immediately draws you into the heaviness of life struggles.  The driving rhythm makes for a soothing ride.  With “Change Your Mind”, he sings about wanting to be with someone and is willing to sit around and wait in case they change their mind for him.  It works as a sort of ditty, one whose melody alone brings a smile to your face. 

The most beaming song is “Marna”, a musical love letter to somebody who seems to be the light of his life.  The simple guitar strums once again bring out the brightness of Miloe’s craft.  The final track is “Everything (That Should Go)”, the perfect outro that reveals his vulnerability to not only the person he is singing to, but also you and I.Greenhouse is a sonically bright album that does indeed shine a warm light on even the coldest of states.  Beyond the brightness is a raw, real body of work about finding and understanding love, along with the many other complications that come with life. 

Tiffany Czech
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