Pour yourself a glass of wine and get ready to hit play on Eliyya Lane’s hypnotizing new single, “Drippin’”.  You will feel a rush of calm energy come over you as you indulge in this soothing ballad.  It is almost as if it was created for the specific purpose of listening to it with lights down low on a cozy fall evening.  Perhaps this feeling comes from the lyrics themselves, which seem to point towards Lane being in a euphoric state due to the warmness she feels being around the person she loves.  That warmness translates from the speakers well, leaving you feeling wrapped up in the very same elatedness that overcomes her.  This calm feeling could also come from the sonic world created within the track.  This world includes haunting percussion and synthesizers that gradually intensify as they pull you further into Lane’s world throughout the duration of the song.

Lane has worked to craft a song that is perfect for a couple things.  It is a great song to turn on when you are filled with happiness, especially if the source of the happiness is love.  It is also just simply a much-appreciated relaxation tune.  If you are looking to sit back and turn the world off for just a few minutes, Eliyya Lane has you covered.

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