The members of VALLEY have a strong work ethic and are perfectionists by nature.   This shines through in the lyric video for the title track of their new EP, sucks to see you doing better.  The video was released as part of a pair of visuals put out from the EP, the other being “homebody”.

Set on a high school track field, “sucks to see you doing better” shows VALLEY taking a more lighthearted approach to the visualization of a tune that expresses some rather heavy emotions about watching someone you love happier with someone new.  The band are creative in choosing how the lyrics appear.  Rather than simply displaying the lyrics using some magical postproduction software, they opt for a more personal touch, handwriting.  Throughout the entire video, members of the band take turns writing the lyrics on the screen while the other members partake in various, sometimes silly, activities behind them.  This makes for a viewing experience that you can relate to without having to get the tissues out.  The song easily could have been a heartbreaking ballad, followed by a sad visual.  Instead, the sadness cuts deep while still allowing you to let loose.  Watching the song come to life only solidifies the notion that sadness can be expressed in seemingly myriad ways.  It accomplishes their goal of bringing positivity into a negative, heavy world.

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