In the new music video for his song “My Mind”, Trent Toney creates an intriguing visual where he and the subject of all of his woes are replaced by two stuffed animals.  This silly interpretation of the track should not take away from the heartbreaking words that he sings, however.  In the simplest sense, it is a breakup song.  With a dominant guitar, Toney sings about how unbearable it is to go on without his former love.  At first glance, it might seem like using stuffed animals takes away from the sadness of the lyrics. 

When listening and watching further, the song is loud and clear about how heartbreaking it is to go through a breakup.  The video paints this picture well.  From going through an old pile of photos from the relationship to trying to keep oneself busy by doing household chores or taking a long drive, Toney does an incredible job of creating imagery that the viewer can identify with.  Through a blend of lighthearted storytelling and heart wrenching lyrics, this video is the perfect balance of emotions.  It is also a great reminder that animals make perfect music video stars.

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