When it comes time to give the 60s music scene a run for its money, you can look no further than the band straight out of Philadelphia known as Them Jones.  Their newest track, “Here Comes the Dark”, off of their recently released album, The Dark, is sprinkled with all the bells and whistles one could need for a spiced-up track.  It might be one of the most sonically intriguing songs I have heard recently, with something new to look forward to while turning every corner.  

But beyond the sound itself, the lyrics capture a seemingly rare glimpse into the mind of the writer.  The story being told here is the struggle between feeling on top of the world, but with the threat of the dark always looming.  The specificity we encounter with this track feels too good to be true.  While being so specific may often lead people to not connect, Them Jones are here to provide the opposite effect.  In the end, they are successful at putting a mirror to the person listening, asking them to also dive deep into their inner self, just as they have done themselves.

Tiffany Czech
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