Samantha Margret’s newest release is a badass anthem for those who have experienced frustration when talking to someone who thinks they are more “woke” than they are.  Margret was inspired by a man who claimed to be a feminist, while his actions seemed to fall short of these claims.

The video reflects the fierceness of the lyrics.  With a dark theme present in both the song and the video, Margret takes no prisoners as she exposes the hypocrisy in identifying as feminist while having no issue talking down to the people you claim to support.  Perhaps the most defining moments are the close-up shots of her face, letting the viewer know that she is an unapologetic boss who is not willing to put up with being patronized.  In every way, it is a gripping visual that asks the viewer to sacrifice comfort in exchange for real commentary on being a woman in 2020.

Margret says of the experience that led to the track:

Sometimes it cuts deeper when that kind of patriarchal hurt comes from someone you think is on your team. I think of myself as really outspoken and try to be the first to speak up when another woman is in trouble, but I sometimes have trouble when the comments are directed at me.

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