Saba, an acclaimed Chicago rapper and producer, has a newly released a set of singles.  One of these singles is “So and So”, which is accompanied by a stunning and spellbinding visual.  A short video, it reaches just above the two-minute mark.  In that short amount of time, Saba creates a visual that helps bring the track to life in a new way.  Simply put, “So and So” addresses adversities and the act of being vulnerable.  The opening lines of the song call for celebration of those who are able to overcome the obstacles that are thrown their way.  While the video remains in one location throughout the short duration, the fact that the specific location can have its own message for anybody who watches it makes the viewing experience all the more relatable and inclusive.

“So and So”, while shorter than some other releases, gives the viewer the time to address what might sometimes be an uncomfortable admission.  It is an honest approach to the reality of different struggles that make it hard to achieve great things.  Saba is taking the chance to let viewers know that they too can overcome their own struggles.

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