Though Paola Proctor spent a considerable amount of time traveling in Europe and the Middle East, it was when she arrived in Nashville that she was able to bring to life “How Can I”, a breakup song filled with frustration and confusion.  The track sees Proctor trying to put together the broken pieces in order to understand and process her complex emotions surrounding a recent breakup with someone who already seems to be way more interested in other people.  Beyond the anger, however, there are notes of vulnerability reflected in the chorus as she admits to still missing the person who hurt her.

While the feeling of heartbreak is all too common, what makes this track special is the openness in portraying the contrasting emotions that often come with the end of a relationship.  While some moments may make you feel like you are sitting in on a rant session, other moments feel more tame, trading the fire for quiet moments of reflection that may soon lead to feeling okay again.

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