It was time for the members of Old News to get more personal than they ever have before.  That’s how their new album, Self-Acceptance Speech, came about.  Using emo sounds hailing from the late 90s and early 2000s indie rock scene, the album tells stories of self-discovery and understanding.  One of these stories can be found in the reflective rock track, “1917 Cherry St.”.  Here, we find out about a significant location in the singer’s life, one that he finds himself looking back on.  This leads right into “722 Harter St.”, a shorter instrumental that leaves details of the significance of this address to the listener’s imagination.  The starry “Flicker” provides a similar experience.  This track gives the feeling of a new beginning, perhaps following the self-reflection that takes place during the prior songs.  The final track is “Sunday Suit”, a standout on the album that begins with a memorable guitar riff and is an anthem for those who feel they are hiding some part of themselves beneath, in this case, the church music.

Old News have taken the nostalgia of 90s emo rock and turned it into something of their own.  Says frontman Beau Harris of the goal in creating this album: “In these very tumultuous times, I think many of us are turning inwards, and we wanted to contribute by giving people a message of healing and hope.”

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