When Neon Dreams lead singer Frank Kadillac found himself suffering from insomnia, he turned to meditation.  After using music to cope with the sadness for so long, he finally was able to use his music to shine a light on positivity.  Now, they have an upcoming album titled The Happiness of Tomorrow.  Included on the album is their new song, “House Party”, a magical alt-pop track.

Kadillac sings about his struggles with finding himself amidst the chaos of the party he’s attending.  It is a highly relatable feeling, the one that enters your mind when you are sitting on a couch surrounded by people but somehow still alone.  In capturing the way our minds wander when we are in stressful or lonely situations, “House Party” is not only a song that people can enjoy for all of its sonic glory but also one that people can turn on when they need to feel heard. Kadillac explains:

When I was a teenager, experiencing party culture for the first time, I wouldn’t really say anything and would just sit with my thoughts. But at house parties I’d meet these weird people like me, and we’d have these great conversations.

Tiffany Czech