In the midst of grief, Nathan Oliver turned to music, as many do.  That is how his newest release came about.  Thank You for your Generosity, which he and his group began working on after the death of a member’s brother in 2017, takes the listener on a journey through the loneliness and confusion that comes with grief.

This journey begins with “Generous Seas”, an instrumental track fit for reflection as a mellow guitar plays over a more chaotic one.  Then comes “Isle Of Youth”, a dive into what it feels like to be lost and distant from everything around you.  This rock track is a standout on the record, blending soulful lyrics with beautiful guitar playing.  This sentiment is also present in “Everybody’s Swimming”, which seems to call attention to the struggle of watching everybody continue to live their lives while you feel stuck in a painful place.  One of the most heart wrenching songs is “Even If You Go”, which acts as a sort of promise that even when the subject is gone, they will continue to live with them by their side.  The journey closes out with “A Tangent in Time”.  A peaceful close to the album, it seems to offer a glimpse of hope, though unsure of exactly where that hope lies.

Thank You for Your Generosity is a vulnerable record that does not attempt to hide any sort of pain that comes along with the grieving process or life in general.  Whether it is through the breathtaking lyrics or the gentle way each sound leaves the speaker, Nathan Oliver is working to enthrall every single listener. 

01. Generous Seas
02. Isle of Youth
03. Everybody’s Swimming
04. Air Control
05. Even If You Go
06. Stand in Line
07. Runaway
08. A Tangent in Time

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