Los Angeles-based pop duo MODERNS are showing their adoration for the 80s by giving us exactly what we deserve, an 80s synth-pop extravaganza fit for giant speakers and retro themed parties.  “Watch” is special in that while it takes us back in time, it also seems to have a sort of futuristic feel to it, one that works to prepare us for any possible future music trend.  In any case, the track celebrates synth pop in a way that may be hard to come by these days.  Sure, it’s a flashy production and the decade had its fair share of flash, but MODERNS benefits from technological advances that the 80s didn’t have.  By using these to their advantage, they create an authentic scene straight out of a throwback film.  If you were looking for your ticket to a different decade, MODERNS has got it.

Member Rosie Okumura says of the partnership: “I can’t describe how excited I am for what Chris and I are creating. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of; it’s so inspiring to me to work with someone so unique and creative.”

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